Key Tips On Preventing Opioids Addiction

Opioids are drugs that have an effect on the nervous system of relieving pain. The drugs may be prescribed legally by medics to relieve pain and to suppress coughs or may be taken illegally for their effect of changing the mood, for instance for sedative and euphoric effects. These drugs are either derived from the extract of the poppy plant which makes heroin or manufactured in the laboratory. The effects of these drugs of altering the mood make them be abused resulting in opioids addiction. The addiction can also be caused by continued use of the prescription drugs especially against the directions of the pharmacists or doctors. This article is devoted to some key tips that can be observed to prevent opioids addiction.

Tips on preventing opioids addiction

Strict adherence to the directions on how to take drugsgfhfghgfhfghfgh

You should take painkillers and cough suppressing drugs as per the instructions of the doctor or the pharmacist. Avoid taking an overdose, especially where you may have skipped one dose for one reason or another. Sticking to the instructions on taking drugs is one sure way of preventing addiction to the drugs.

Timely taking of painkillers

Some people who may be fearing getting addicted to some of these drugs may avoid taking them even when necessary. They may wait until the pain becomes too much and they are almost collapsing. At that point, they end up taking more drugs than recommended to suppress the excess pain. It is advisable to observe the doctors’ or pharmacists’ directions to avoid such.

Providing information on dangers of drugs abuse

You need to sensitize your kids especially teenagers on the dangers of taking drugs that are not prescribed to them, taking overdose and addiction. You should also inform them on the dangers of addiction to some drugs taken for their ‘feel-good’ effect. The medics need to keep the general public aware of the dangers of misuse of drugs through such practices as sharing drugs and failure to follow the prescriptions.

Knowing signs of addiction to painkillers and other drugs

There are signs that you should check if you fear you could be getting addicted to the prescription drugs. Some signs include completing the dosage earlier than expected, having to use other people’s painkillers and persistently requesting the doctor to prescribe for you some painkillers even when not necessary. For the other drugs other than the prescription ones, you may realize some withdrawal symptoms when you have not used them. This signs should signal the need to seek help and check on some of your drug use habits.

Safe storage of drugs and taking inventory of drugs

gfhfghfghgfgfhIn homes where there could be kids that may abuse some prescription drugs or other drugs, it is paramount to keep all drugs under lock and key. The adults should take note of how much of each drug is available at any time so as to know if there has been any unauthorized use. Kids should have drugs administered to them as per the instructions and never allowed to take them on their own.if they need to take prescription drugs during school hours, the drugs should be given to the teacher or school nurse to ensure safe use.

Proper disposal of unused drugs

Any unused drug should be properly disposed of by dropping them at some secure disposal points or by sealing them in special bags before putting them in dustbins. Also, the drugs can first be crushed and mixed with other trash, or put in unidentifiable containers before putting them in waste bins.